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Juna Mustad

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Juna Mustad Introduction Video

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I attended the Somatic Experiencing Institute's 3-year program, which taught me how to safely and gently unwind stress, trauma, and unresolved past experiences within the body.


I also attended the Hendricks Institute's 2-year Leadership & Transformation program, where I became a certified Conscious Living & Loving Coach.


I am a graduate of Co-Active Training Institute's 5-part program and I am a certified Spirit Coach — a life coach who uses intuition to support the growth of her clients. I am also an IFS-Informed practitioner (Internal Family Systems).

In addition to my private practice as a coach and intuitive, I also work part-time as an executive coach, mindfulness trainer, and corporate trainer with The People Piece and, coaching and facilitating leaders around the world in communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.

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Juna Mustad videos

Building Boundaries & Relationships

With Juna Mustad

Boundaries & Relationships

Trauma is a boundary violation that affects your whole life. We need healthy boundaries to protect us from harmful things and people and to maintain our physical and mental health. Juna Mustad speaks from her personal experience. She has faced her own traumas and boundary issues and found powerful ways to manage their effects on her mind and body. You will feel that she is right there with you as she leads you in a guided meditation to help you repair and grow healthy boundaries that support your life. Juna will lead you in a soothing and calming meditation that can transform both brain and body. She creates a relaxing and peaceful space for you to imagine yourself as safe and able to establish the boundaries you need. This meditation will help you give voice to your deep feelings and allow you to say what you have been holding inside. When you voice your feelings without any judgment or consequences, you will feel unburdened and connect with your inner power to say no and to confront people who may have harmed you. Speaking your truth and setting a boundary will create a safe space for you to live.

14 min Meditation

Coping with Anxiety

With Juna Mustad

Anxiety or Persistent Fear

Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling. It can be with you daily or sometimes come in waves. It is a signal that you feel threatened by something, although you may not be conscious of what you fear. It is a very common feeling for people who have experienced trauma. The anxiety does not go away over time because it is a result of your memories, conscious and unconscious, of when you were threatened and harmed. It can manifest as worry, negative thoughts, breathing rapidly, and an overall bad feeling. Juna Mustad will give you a simple but effective and unique tool to deal with anxiety. It is called Box Breathing. This breathing exercise will calm you down and help you become more aware of what is causing your anxiety. You’ll be able to shift into a state where you can take action to relieve anxiety and live a more fulfilling life.

11 min Breathing

Coping with Depression

With Juna Mustad

Depression or Hopelessness

As Juna Mustad describes it, depression is like a black cloud following you around, coloring how you perceive the world. She explains how human beings have an inborn tendency to notice things that might be threatening to our survival. But she also shows us how to counter this tendency and transform our darker perceptions. You can rewire your brain for positivity and have a lighter vision and perception. Juna Mustad will take you step by step into a deep gratitude practice. She will ask you specific questions that will bring out your feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Even if you can’t think of anything right now, she will guide you to find something that will provide a positive spark to get you started. You may be surprised to see how this experience can redirect your life.

10 min Meditation