An Invitation for Therapists to Participate

Go Thrive Go

A secure, online platform addressing the unique needs of survivors of trauma,
available on demand, designed by professional therapists, psychologists and trauma experts,
along with survivors.

A platform designed to help survivors of trauma, when they need it the most!

Our purpose is to empower survivors of abuse and trauma with a digital platform that offers support to heal, recover and ultimately thrive.
Go Thrive Go is a holistic offering of services that address every need of a survivor through their recovery process.

Go Thrive Go empowers every survivor of abuse or trauma to flourish and thrive by providing accessible and customized support. It is a digital platform available any time users need to access resources and support that helps them manage all challenges on the journey to heal, recover and ultimately thrive.

The Go Thrive Go application addresses the unique needs and existing gaps in care for survivors of abuse and trauma. Our self-therapy model will fill this gap with support and resources that are quick to access anytime, affordable, and customizable. Resources are designed by professional therapists to be comprehensive, relevant, and fit for long-term use.

The app doesn’t intend to replace therapy but rather to be a complementary tool for survivors when they cannot access a therapist or are not ready to see one.

How You Can Help

Through our research with survivors, we have identified the main conditions that survivors most frequently experience. We are creating a library of videos by practitioners with exercises to address these conditions:

  • Trouble With Sleep
  • Flashbacks and Triggers
  • Anxiety, Fear or Worry
  • Shame, Blame or Guilt
  • Down, Depressed or Hopeless
  • Feeling Isolated and Lonely

 We understand that each practitioner has developed their own unique exercises and tools using different modalities. Our intention is to offer videos with a variety of different modalities for our users to choose from.

We invite you to participate in creating the first series of videos to be launched in the fall of 2023. Please consider recording a video of 5 to 15 minutes. This can also be a series.

The videos can be created by using Photo Booth on a Mac, in a video on the iPhone or on any platform in a .mov or mp4 format.
We can also discuss filming you ourselves if this is more convenient. If you would like to participate, we can arrange a meeting to discuss logistics.
To join us, please email Nina Mistry at [email protected].

How We Can Help

In this early stage of development, Go Thrive Go is funded by grants from the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Community Foundation Canada and Mitacs Research. 

We will feature your bio and website along with your videos on our platform. After people view your videos, they will have the opportunity to go to your website to find out more about your work.